“Seeking professional experience that encourages me to take new risks and share my highest self”



(2015-2016)                       Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Co. 5 Month MASA Program- Kibbutz Ga’aton , Israel

Studied under:  Rami Be’er, Lotem Regev, Danielle Ohn, Rina Schenfeld, Ben Bach, Sara Wilhelmsson

(2010)                                AlambradoDanza Intensive – Florence & Trieste, Italy

Studied under:  Monica Baroni, Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec

(2008-2010)                      Alonzo King LINES Ballet Training Program- San Francisco, CA

Studied under:  Alonzo King, Laura Bernasconi, Carmen Rozestraten,  Kathleen Hermesdorf,  Kara Davis, Maurya Kerr

(2007)                                Hubbard Street Dance Chicago Intensive

Studied under: Glenn Edgerton, Taryn Kaschock Russell, Terence Marling, Alejandro Cerrudo

(2006)                                San Francisco Conservatory of Dance Intensive

Studied under: Summer Lee Rhatigan, Alex Ketley, Christian Burns, Chiharu Shibata



(Oct.2017)                          Feste im Freien Festival Dancer & Choreographer-Theater Felina Areal- Mannheim, Germany

(July. 2017)                         Nordbecken Festival Dancer & Choreographer– Karlsruhe, Germany

(June.2017)                          Freier Tanz im Delta VIIDancer  & Choreographer -Theater Felina Areal – Mannheim, Germany

(Jan.2017)                       San Francisco Movement Arts Festival-Dancer, at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, CA

(Dec.2016)                         “Made With Passion Made For You”- Video Exhibition, Dancer- Directed by: Anna Carla Ebert/KunstAkademie in Stuttgart, Germany

(2016-present)                  ZiRu Dance- Dancer, Teacher and Collaborator-Directed by: Philein Wang in San Francisco, CA

1st & 2nd Annual Silicon Valley Dance Festival including ZiRu Rep and Guest Choreographers

(2016-2017)                         Kinetech Arts- Dancer and Collaborator-Directed by: Daiane Lopes Da Silva in San Francisco, CA

2016 season- “Elements of Others,” “Falling Down,” “Index of Probabilities”

(2013-2017)                     Bay Area Dance Collective-Dancer and Co-director

”Floodgate” (2013), “Mountain in Me”(2014), “What We Call Home”(2015), “Together”(2016)

(2016)                                  Final Performance of KCDC’s International Dance Program

Choreography by- Rami Be’er, Mats Ek and Ben Bach

(2015)                                  “Nitzotzot”

Compilation of original works from KCDC’s program and peers

(2010-2015)                         Project Agora-Dancer-Directed by: Kara Davis in San Francisco, CA

Site specific and stage performances including- “A Softened Law,” “The Rivers These Hands Have Carried”

(2010)                                    Choreographic Competition and Final Performance of AlambradoDanza Program

Choreography by- Monica Baroni, Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec, Sharon Estacio, Lauren MacLaughlin and peers

(2008-2010)                          Choreography Showcases and Seasonal Performances from LINES Ballet Training Program

Choreography by- Alonzo King, Maurya Kerr, Robert Moses, Kara Davis, Kevin Iega Jeff and peers



(2017)                                       “Lit” – Premiered in Germany-Freier Tanz im Delta VII(Mannheim), Nordbecken(Karlsruhe)

(2017)                                        “Umgebungen” – Premiered at San Francisco Movement Arts Festival

(2016)                                    “Within Our Skin”

Premiere in San Francisco, CA at SAFEhouse Arts

(Dec. 2015)                            “Residence in the Heart”

Premiered in Kibbutz Ga’aton, Israel for KCDC’s Masa Program “Nitzotzot” show

(July.2015)                              “Anchored”

Premiered in San Francisco, CA at SAFEhouse Arts

(Dec.2014)                              “Chapters of a Memory”

Premiered in San Francisco, CA at SAFEhouse Arts

(Sept. 2014)                            “Out of Bounds”

Premiered in San Francisco’s West Wave Dance Festival

(April.2014)                             “Trails Tied”

Premiered in San Francisco, CA at SAFEhouse Arts


Current Teaching

(May.2017-present)                 Dance Point Ludwigshafen, Germany – Contemporary Dance Classes and Workshops for various levels

(May.2017-present)                 Caritas/Diakonie Oekumenische Foerdergemeinschaft Ludwigshafen GmbH, Germany –                                                                              mixed style dance classes for children ages 7-16

(July.2017-present)                  Tanzschule UniteDancE Heidelberg, Germany – Advanced Contemporary Class

(Oct.2017-present)                   Balletwerstatt Heidelberg, Germany-Advanced/Professional Contemporary Class


Additional Experience, Awards & Certification

(Nov.2016-present)                Freelance Tour Consultant

(Aug.2016)                               Featured Artist Presenter for Kinetech Arts, San Francisco, CA

(July.2016)                               Guest Artist/Choreographer for Slick Babble Dance Company- Berkeley, CA

(May.2016)                              Guest Artist/choreographer for LINES Ballet Training Program Alumni Show, San Francisco

(Jan. 2015)                               Recipient of ‘The Spirit of Dance Award 2014’ from Bay Area Dance Watch

(Feb.2013)                                Holistic Health Coach Certification fron the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York

(2013-present)                        Keyholder and Resident Artist at SAFEhouse Arts, San Francisco, CA

(2009-2012)                             Guest Artist Dancer for Air Aligned Aerial Dance Group, Nevada City, CA

(2010)                                       Guest Choreographer/Teacher for Nevada Union High School Dance Dept. Nevada City, CA

(2007- present)                       Instructor of ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary and improvisation for various studios and  schools in Northern California


Ben Bach: Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company

Philein Wang: ZiRu Dance Company

George Jayne: Sierra Dance Institute