“My vision celebrates the layers and characteristics of various cultures through contemporary dance. International collaboration enables me to integrate diverse expressions into my work which will take artists and viewers alike on a unique adventure. I take a visceral and holistic approach to my creative process which often includes live music, text, various languages, visual art and poetry. I am interested in capturing the essence of time through the creation of art by honoring the past, magnifying the present and illuminating the future. I aim to promote creative participation in our vast world.”

* Please enjoy the following portfolio of previous work:

– “Lit” 2017 – 

Unsung don’t say it, touch it, or replay it, it only happens once, So long to last lines, every time’s the first time, I’m off to have some fun. A cauldron of potions, drops of the oceans, couldn’t solve this one. As luck would have it, I’m on the planet, and so it seems are you. – Tom Rosenthal. – “Lit” is a collaboration between painter and dancers, color and emotion, energy and movement and a lesson on how to share light.


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-“Umgebungen” 2017 –

‘A research experiment of inner and outer environments through the collaboration of dance, beat box and audience participation.’


-“Within our Skin” 2016- 

‘It is our task to never forget what has happened to us, to never shake what our every cell has felt, always finding moments to be still, bathing in what we have made so far, understanding what we are made of and activating the memories residing in our skin.’


-“Residence in the Heart” 2015- 

‘At home in yourself, at home in another, at home in your heart.’


“Anchored” 2015-

‘What makes you, you? Identifying our anchors through live music, vocals and dance’


“Chapters of a Memory”- 2014

‘Dissecting our memories of letting go’


-“Out of Bounds”-2014

‘Grateful fascination for every rush of your own swelling lungs and lush flooding blood all glistening, glimmering, flooding, falling, falling..-“The Staircase”, by Hilary Brown’…’An exploration of our limits and potential through live music and dance’


-“Trails Tied”- 2014

‘Finding our place among coils of time’



‘It’s not that the meaning can’t be explained. But there are certain meanings that are lost forever the moment they are explained in words’-Haruki Murakami 1Q84.’