“My vision celebrates the layers and characteristics of various cultures through contemporary dance. International collaboration enables me to integrate diverse expressions into my work which will take artists and viewers alike on a unique adventure. I take a visceral and holistic approach to my creative process which often includes live music, text, various languages, visual art and poetry. I am interested in capturing the essence of time through the creation of art by honoring the past, magnifying the present and illuminating the future. My movement style is physical and intention-based and I often utilize improvisation in my work to bring certain ideas to life. I aim to promote creative participation in our vast world.”



– “Four Ears” 2017-

‘As soon as two people notice each other, they interact with each other. They send and receive signals which can be linguistic or physical. The decoding of the signals begins immediately. What does the other person mean? What is he/she trying to tell me?’ – Friedemann Schulz von Thun.-

“Four Ears” is an examination of human interaction and communication. I used Friedemann Schulz von Thun’s ‘Four sides-model’ as a primary structure for the piece; this model, also known as the ‘communication square,’ breaks down our nature of sending and receiving messages into four layers: Factual, Self-Revealing, Relationship and Appeal. Delving into these layers of communication, this piece is meant to help us understand each other better. “Four Ears” is a combination of improvisational scores and set choreography.

It premiered at ‘Feste im Freien’ at Theater Felina Areal in Mannheim, Germany on 20th of October, 2017.

-Dancers: Shareen DeRyan and Brian McNeal

Music: Floating Points

Documentation: Kirill Berezovski, Guenter, Kraemmer



– “Lit” 2017 – 

Unsung don’t say it, touch it, or replay it, it only happens once, So long to last lines, every time’s the first time, I’m off to have some fun. A cauldron of potions, drops of the oceans, couldn’t solve this one. As luck would have it, I’m on the planet, and so it seems are you. – Tom Rosenthal. –

“Lit” is a collaboration with two dancers and a painter. It is a research of how the movement of color affects moving bodies and how moving bodies affect the choices made by a painter with a canvas. Additionally, “Lit” explores the depths of being human and generating unique sources of light and positivity. “Lit” premiered at ‘Freier Tanz im Delta’ at Theater Felina-Areal in Mannheim Germany on 2nd of June, 2017 then was invited to perform at ‘Studio Nordbecken’ Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany 13th of July, 2017. 

Dancers: Aline Serrano, Daniella Eriksson, Kirill Berezovski, Amelia Eisen

Painter: Jeff Cope

Music: Alex Somers, Bon Iver, Tom Rosenthal

– Documentation: Guenter Kraemmer, Nemanja Sarbajic



-“Umgebungen” 2017 –

‘A research experiment of inner and outer environments through the collaboration of dance, beat box and audience participation.’ This piece had it’s first presentation in February, 2017 at SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts in San Francisco, California USA. The collaboration now continues internationally with future performances coming soon.’

– Dancer: Amelia Eisen

– Dance and Music: Daniel Lenders

– Documentation: Mark McBeth



-“Within our Skin” 2016- 

‘It is our task to never forget what has happened to us, to never shake what our every cell has felt, always finding moments to be still, bathing in what we have made so far, understanding what we are made of and activating the memories residing in our skin.’ 

‘This work premiered in July 2016 at SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts in San Francisco, California USA then was invited to be shared again as a guest performance for Slick Babble Dance Company in Berkeley, California USA. *Prior to the premiere, a work-in-progress version was performed as a guest piece in the Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet Alumni Showcase in May, 2016.

“Within our Skin” involved an international cast of dancers and focused on highlighting memories of the past and moments of the present through the use of poetry, multiple languages and live dialogue among the dancers.

– Dancers: Khala Brannigan, Neta Singer, Shareen DeRyan, Kirill Berezovski

– Poetry: Amelia Eisen

– Music: Ayub Ogada, Efterklang

Documentation: Joel Jacobson



-“Residence in the Heart” 2015- 

‘At home in yourself, at home in another, at home in your heart.’ What does home mean for you?

“Residence in the Heart” was created and premiered in Kibbutz Ga’aton in Western Israel December, 2015. It represents home, in all of it’s various ways, shapes and forms.’

– Dancers: Daniella Eriksson and Kirill Berezovski

Music: Lord Huron

– Documentation: Uri Nevo



“Anchored” 2015-

‘What makes you, you? Identifying our anchors through live music, vocals and dance’

This piece was made to explore the various ways that art can ground and center us as humans. It travels inward to the core of our being to remind us why we do the things that we do. “Anchored” had its premiere in April, 2015 at SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts in San Francisco, California USA.’

– Dancers: Alex Carrington, Claire Fischer, Shareen DeRyan, Khala Brannigan

– Vocals and Music: Katya Bitar and Michelle Kaonohikaimana

– Documentation: Angelina Poirier



“Chapters of a Memory”- 2014

‘As people, there are endless things that we can let go of to better serve our selves. This piece looks into specific memories and feelings that come when you have realized you’ve let something go that you no longer need. Doing so, opens you and makes space for more life to flow through, letting you simply be, and tell your stories. “Chapters of a Memory” premiered December, 2014 at The Garage in San Francisco, California USA then was performed a second time in April 2015 at SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts also in San Francisco, California USA. 

“Chapters of a Memory” is coming back! A chapter will be performed on the 10th and 11th of November, 2017 at Lange Nacht der Kurzen Stuecke Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany at Kulturverein Temple.’

– Dancers: Alexandra Kamerling, Shareen DeRyan, Khala Brannigan, Amelia Eisen

– Music: Alt-J

– Documentation: Mark McBeth



-“Out of Bounds”-2014

‘Grateful fascination for every rush of your own swelling lungs and lush flooding blood all glistening, glimmering, flooding, falling, falling..-“The Staircase”, by Hilary Brown’…’An exploration of our limits and potential through live music and dance.

“Out of Bounds” premiered at San Francisco’s West Wave Dance Festival in September, 2014. It was made to journey through individual borders within each artist. The music/dance collaboration happened from a distance throughout California and the premiere was the first time that all 5 artists came together. The final piece begins with movement improvisation then flows into set phrase work alongside live music. Following its premiere, this piece was performed three more times at The Garage and SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts- both in San Francisco, California USA.’

– Dancers: Amelia Eisen and Alexandra Kamerling

– Music:  ‘Holler Tree’ Band

– Documentation: Mark McBeth



-“Trails Tied”- 2014

‘Finding our place among coils of time’

“Trails Tied” was inspired by the book, “The Shipping News” by Annie Proulx. This piece looks at the ways time moves; from the history that lives in a tightly coiled knot, to the direction of a ship sailing at see, to the movement and energy of water….how can we physicalize time? The work premiered in April, 2014 at The Garage in San Francisco, California USA.’

– Dancers: Leyna Swoboda, Alexandra Kamerling, Jenna Wozer, Khala Brannigan, Arthur Prettyman

– Music: Zbigniew Preisner, Abel Korzeniowski, Yann Tiersen

– Documentation: Zack Tang and Arturo Ochoa




‘It’s not that the meaning can’t be explained. But there are certain meanings that are lost forever the moment they are explained in words’-Haruki Murakami 1Q84.’

“Floodgate” premiered in August of 2013 at The Garage in San Francisco, California USA. It was later performed again in December of the same year to continue it’s artistic growth.’

– Dancers: Jenna Wozer, Sarah Wenzel, Rachael Elliott, Alex Jenkins, Amelia Eisen, Alexandra Kamerling, Laura Kramer

– Vocals/Guest Performer: Alicia Pugh

– Music: Alicia Pugh, Yann Tiersen, Brown Bird

– Documentation: Nick Korkos and Alex Junho Kim




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