Amelia Eisen was born and raised in Nevada City, California USA. She is a Freelance Dancer, Choreographer and Holistic Health Coach currently based in Mannheim, Germany. Amelia trained at Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet in San Francisco, Alambrado Danza in Florence & Trieste Italy, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Northern Israel and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Amelia has danced for Taulant Shehu(DE), Luis Sayago(DE), Catherine Guerin(DE), Stefano Giannetti(DE), Brian McNeal(DE), Christian Burns(USA), Kara Davis/Project Agora(USA), ZiRu Dance Company(USA), and Ben Bach(IL). In 2013, Amelia began to pursue her own International choreographic works which have been publicly shared in San Francisco, Israel and Germany. Her work merges together improvisation and planned choreography while creating an empathetic connection between performers and viewers. Amelia uses her Health Coach work to help other dancers understand how to care for themselves and live their fullest potential.



My intentions are to build global mobility through my areas of work by partaking in international collaboration. My career path is a means of personal expression as well as a way to consistently create opportunities for others. 









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