Amelia is currently an International Freelance Dancer, working with a variety of dance companies and choreographers from the United States, Israel and Europe.



“…and if I start thinking about something which didn’t happen, I start thinking about all other things which didn’t happen…”

Choreographer: Kirill Berezovski

Performance: Freier Tanz im Delta VII Mannheim, Germany June 2017

Photo Credit: Guenter Kraemmer Fotografie




Choreographer: Shareen DeRyan of Kinetech Arts Dance/Tech/Science Company

Performance: Kinetech Arts Home Season Redwood City, California USA September, 2016

Photo Credit: Weidong Yang



“Across the Current Now”

Choreographer: Philein Wang and the dancers of ZiRu Dance Company

Performance: ZiRu Dance Company’s Silicon Valley Dance Festival September, 2016

Photo Credit: Keith Weng

thadeus & alekos misc


“The Paradox of Love and Hate”

Choreographer: Ben Bach

Performance: Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company MASA Program Kibbutz Ga’aton Israel, January, 2016

Photo Credit: Uri Nevo




Choreographer: Chelsea Slender

Performance: ‘Nitzotzot’ from Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company MASA Program Kibbutz Ga’aton, Israel December, 2015

Photo Credit: Uri Nevo

uri nevo5D3_3822


“Mountain in Me”

Choreographer: Khala Brannigan

Performance: Bay Area Dance Collective San Francisco, California USA December, 2015

Photo Credit: Khala Brannigan



“A Softened Law”

Choreographer: Kara Davis/Project Agora

Performance: Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet Training Program San Francisco, CA USA June, 2010

Photo Credit: LINES Ballet School