Current Travels and Projects

tanz04Amelia Eisen, Kirill Berezovski, film installation exhibition opening night with Carla Ebert in Stuttgart, Germany.

I have been in Germany since mid November, fueling my artistic plans and spending valuable time with loved ones in this part of the globe. With my love by my side I have traveled through 10 German cities along with visits to Austria, Poland and Switzerland. In this time I have been training, creating, rehearsing, meeting new people, having fabulous reunions, being exposed to many languages and learning German, lounging around like a panda bear and eating every European gluten free treat I can identify. Additionally, I have been collaborating on a duet with Kirill Berezovski. We adapted two pieces originally made and performed in Israel and San Francisco.We used this new piece for a film installation project with Carla Ebert in Stuttgart, Germany and then performed it in Freiburg, Germany at a Hanukkah Ball as well. I will return to San Francisco next weekend where I will develop a new solo work stemming from these travels in the last months. Stay tuned to for further reflections and updates about my upcoming performances in San Francisco!


Amelia Eisen, Kirill Berezovski- film installation in Stuttgart, Germany with Carla Ebert


Following pictures in order of appearance: Mannheim, Cologne, Goerlitz/Poland, Mannheim







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  1. Love your new website Amelia. Looks like you are continuing to create a full, interesting, serviceful, life. Hope we can connect soon. Much love to you, Nora


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