This week in San Francisco, CA on Feb. 22nd & 23rd I will present a work in progress of ‘Die Umgebungen.’ This work is an ongoing study of how and why certain environments affect us. Below is the beginning of my personal process in Nuremberg, Germany and Grace Cathedral in San Francisco:

This particular performance is a special one as I am also currently collaborating with Beat Boxer, Daniel Lenders to further explore the concept of environment and to experiment with various sound dynamic . Combining Beat Box and dance is quite interesting. informative and fun because both forms use simply the body as the instrument.

Below is a clip of our creative process together where we are reacting to our immediate internal and external environment:


This week’s performances will take place at SAFEhouse Arts, 8pm in San Francisco, California. Feb. 22nd & 23rd. Both evenings will include work by two additional local dance artists. Tickets are $10-$20 sliding scale at the door. Please bring cash!

If you are in town, hope to see you there and feel your love and support for the arts!

In a tiny hotel room in Nürnberg, Germany I carry out the creation process of a solo I will perform Friday, January 20th at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, California for San Francisco Movement Arts Festival. Please check out the link that follows!

This is a solo I will be building upon over the next few months and it is something very sacred to me. This piece visits the potent lessons and great depths of my well traveled self and is being created in various spaces that I encounter throughout the world-none of which will include a proper dance studio. I want to see what comes as I use only what I have in front of me and I don’t want to wait to arrive at the studio to dive into movement. It goes without saying that we are in dark times, and I often feel sad and angry and scared…However, from my deepest parts I believe in my own light and I truly understand how to share it. From my deepest parts, I believe in your light too. I refuse to let sadness, anger and fear halt me in any way. It will never stop me from doing my thing, because I know what I do is healthy for the world. We are all a part of nature and nature always heals itself when given the chance to do so. It is artists who provide the world with the opportunity to heal…we let light in with what we give out. It is our responsibility to continue to create and more importantly continue to share. What is your art if you are not going to share it? This world requires you to shine.

In the clip below, I dance for you and I dance for our home. Across the ocean from my native land in a tiny room I am doing my thing.

Please come visit me in San Francisco at the SFMAF next week!

Featured music: Water by Awir Leon


tanz04Amelia Eisen, Kirill Berezovski, film installation exhibition opening night with Carla Ebert in Stuttgart, Germany.

I have been in Germany since mid November, fueling my artistic plans and spending valuable time with loved ones in this part of the globe. With my love by my side I have traveled through 10 German cities along with visits to Austria, Poland and Switzerland. In this time I have been training, creating, rehearsing, meeting new people, having fabulous reunions, being exposed to many languages and learning German, lounging around like a panda bear and eating every European gluten free treat I can identify. Additionally, I have been collaborating on a duet with Kirill Berezovski. We adapted two pieces originally made and performed in Israel and San Francisco.We used this new piece for a film installation project with Carla Ebert in Stuttgart, Germany and then performed it in Freiburg, Germany at a Hanukkah Ball as well. I will return to San Francisco next weekend where I will develop a new solo work stemming from these travels in the last months. Stay tuned to for further reflections and updates about my upcoming performances in San Francisco!


Amelia Eisen, Kirill Berezovski- film installation in Stuttgart, Germany with Carla Ebert


Following pictures in order of appearance: Mannheim, Cologne, Goerlitz/Poland, Mannheim