San Francisco ‘in-progress’ performance this week!

This week in San Francisco, CA on Feb. 22nd & 23rd I will present a work in progress of ‘Die Umgebungen.’ This work is an ongoing study of how and why certain environments affect us. Below is the beginning of my personal process in Nuremberg, Germany and Grace Cathedral in San Francisco:

This particular performance is a special one as I am also currently collaborating with Beat Boxer, Daniel Lenders to further explore the concept of environment and to experiment with various sound dynamic . Combining Beat Box and dance is quite interesting. informative and fun because both forms use simply the body as the instrument.

Below is a clip of our creative process together where we are reacting to our immediate internal and external environment:


This week’s performances will take place at SAFEhouse Arts, 8pm in San Francisco, California. Feb. 22nd & 23rd. Both evenings will include work by two additional local dance artists. Tickets are $10-$20 sliding scale at the door. Please bring cash!

If you are in town, hope to see you there and feel your love and support for the arts!

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